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This page will be updated regularly to provide visitors with news and developments on common law police powers, criminal law, constitutional issues and privacy. Check in frequently for up-to-date information:

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Robson Crim

Robson Crim is housed in Robson Hall, one of Canada's oldest law schools. Robson Crim has transformed into a Canada wide research hub in criminal law, with blog contributions from coast to coast, and from outside of this nation's borders. With over 30 academic peer collaborators at Canada's top law schools, Robson Crim is bringing leading criminal law research and writing to the reader.  We also annually publish a special edition criminal law volume of the Manitoba Law Journal, providing a chance for authors to enter the peer reviewed fray. The Journal has ranked in the top 0.1 percent on and is widely used.


As part of our commitment  to legal education outside of the ivory tower, this space will provide reflections on  current issues in criminal law. We believe in open access principles, and these pages will be open and accessible to all. Welcome to Robson Crim and stay tuned for regular updates, stories and blawg posts.

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Manitoba Law Journal

The Manitoba Law Journal (MLJ) is a peer-reviewed journal founded in 1961. The MLJ's current mission is to provide lively, independent and high caliber commentary on legal events in Manitoba or events of special interest to our community.


The MLJ aims to bring diverse and multidisciplinary perspectives to the issues it studies, drawing on authors from Manitoba, Canada and beyond. Its studies are intended to contribute to understanding and reform not only in our community, but around the world.


The MLJ has five dimensions, each with its own regular special issues. These are:


The Current Legal Landscape: developments in courts and tribunals;

Underneath the Golden Boy: developments in legislation and on parliamentary and democratic reform;

Criminal Law and Practice, and the social dimensions of criminal law;

The Legal Profession, including histories of major developments and figures in Manitoba law, and the rapid evolution of legal practice;

Indigenous Law.

The MLJ is funded by the SSHRC grants in aid of scholarly publications, with additional support from the Legal Research Institute of the University of Manitoba, the Faculty of Law Endowment fund.

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