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This project is a product of research conducted by Professor David Ireland,  Dr. Richard Jochelson, and a team of dedicated law students.


Professor Ireland is an assistant professor at Robson Hall Faculty of Law at the University of Manitoba and graduate of Robson Hall's LL.M and LL.B programs. Prof. Ireland has practiced criminal law as both Crown and defence counsel, and was involved in high profile inquiries as well as dealing extensively with police powers. He joined the Faculty of Law, University of Manitoba, in 2016. He has published and researched in the area of police powers, jury trials, empirical assessments of plea bargaining and bail courts, evidence law and legal pedagogy. 

Dr. Jochelson, Dean of Law at Robson Hall, is an expert in the Supreme Court’s articulation of reasonableness standards in criminal procedure. He has been studying the mechanics of judicial decision-making by Canadian courts in the criminal context in the areas of police powers, constitutional adjudication and the adjudication of cases of obscenity and indecency since 2002. He has co-authored multiple empirical papers in the area of police powers, exclusion of evidence and jury studies. 

This website is intended to act as an open access platform for all Canadians to learn about issues of common law police powers in Canada. 

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