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Click on any of the circles below to see a timeline of the expansion of common law police powers in Canada by decade. 

Courts have already generated 2 new police powers in this decade. As more cases are decided, this section will be updated to reflect any newly generated powers in this area of the law.

The 2010's saw only a slight decrease in the rate at which common law police powers are generated by courts as 25 new powers were added in this decade.  

Between 2000 and 2009, 31 common law police powers are generated - the largest number of any decade we studied. 

The 1990s saw a continuance of expansion in this area, as courts generated 23 new police powers in the decade.

Following the 1985 R v Dedman decision, Canada sees an uptick in the generation of ancillary police powers by courts, especially in the areas of roadside detention and roadside sobriety tests.

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